Beyond Borders: the Richness of Volunteering at Child Haven International

Maggie McLaren and Fran Pardee – Child Haven is a Canadian charity founded by Unitarians Bonnie and Reverend Fred Cappuccino that is well-known to many of our members. It has been supporting 1,200 homeless children in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet for 30 years and offers an inspiring opportunity for meaningful volunteer work. Worship Associate: Gerry Brimacombe

Maggie McLaren is a recent arrival in Victoria, moving last May from Parksville where she was a key publicist for their annual Child Haven banquet. Since 2006 she has volunteered in India seven times. Maggie is a marketer and photographer who writes children’s stories and gardens as a hobby. Fran Pardee is a longtime member who has served our church in many roles. 

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