Dovetailing the Digital World with Our Spiritual Journey

Amanda Tarling with  Worship Associate Lynne Bonner – Smart phones are purposely designed to draw our attention away from the present. It’s impossible to be mindful while scrolling through Facebook or checking Twitter and Instagram.

How can the technology in our pockets become tools to improve the world and enrich our spiritual journey?  Join Amanda Tarling as we discover ways that smartphones can augment our lives and enhance our quest.

Amanda is a lay leader of the Salt Spring Island Unitarian Fellowship and one of the lay leaders of Capital Unitarian Universalist Congregation. She has served as a lay chaplain and presents workshops for lay chaplains at the provincial and national level.

An avid hiker and yogini, Amanda is passionate about finding spirituality in the forest. She graduated from McGill University in 1986 and lived in London for 10 years. Amanda is has two amazing children, including a son with disabilitie

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