Embarrassed to be Religious

Michelle Brown and Worship Associate Lillie Lentz – There are valid reasons to avoid talking about religion. And times when the silence is uncomfortable. A look at uneasiness about admitting to religion – even when religion is central to our identity.june theme

Michelle Brown is Cree from the Metis Nation and a regular speaker in the pulpit at Capital Unitarian Universalist Congregation, where they sponsored her for her Masters Degree thesis project on congregational conflict management. She has had training in law communications and conflict analysis and, prior to retirement, Michelle worked on social conflicts arising from major resource development decisions and also in Aboriginal relations, including five years as a treaty negotiator for the federal government.

 In retirement, she reads widely in the fields of both sociology and religion.

 An Vancouver Island food security activist, she and her husband Stephen tend a permaculture food forest in their yard on Victoria’s Olive Street. Donate

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