Embracing the Wholeness of Authenticity

Sunday, May 22, 10:30 am –

Embracing the Wholeness of Authenticity –

Dar Gareau-Levy, homilist –

Lynne Bonner, worship associate –

There’s been a lot said over the years about authenticity, but most of us still opt to fit in rather than flaunt our differences.  We’ve been taught how to behave and how to get along – how to be safe by not standing out. We push our authentic selves down in favour of the common denominator or the common good… But what if we’ve had it wrong all this time?  What if being true to ourselves is not only good for us, it’s good for everyone else as well?

Bio: Dar Gareau-Levy is a trans non-binary queer, an ACE survivor from a working poor family, and a true blue UU who’s faith has lead them on a personal and spiritual quest for wisdom, justice and healing.

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