Growing Rooted in Solidarity: Allyship and Land Back

Sat. Mar. 9, 2-3:30pm
First Unitarian Church or Zoom
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This upcoming RAVEN (Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs) fundraising event (by donation) presents an opportunity to put our words on reconciliation with Indigenous People into action.  Come spend an afternoon with RAVEN’s Campaigns Director, Leslie Anne St. Amour and Communications Director, Andrea Palframan, to learn about how to live in solidarity and allyship with Indigenous Nations.

RAVEN raises funds for Indigenous Peoples in Canada to defend the rights and integrity of lands and cultures. Victoria Unitarian’s  longstanding partnership with RAVEN is helping expand their fundraising initiatives across Greater Victoria and  communicate their impressive record of legal success.

Allyship is the practice of putting reconciliation into action. An ally is not a member of a particular group but one who wants to support and act. Allies build relationships and take direction; they take time to listen and learn to gain understanding of the adversity faced by group members. Allies offer tangible support, uplift, and make room for marginalized people, and – importantly – reflect on their own privilege and power difference to mitigate harm when engaging in struggles in which members of their own group are acting as oppressors.

Land Back is an Indigenous-led movement that centers on Indigenous self-determination and sovereignty over lands and waters. Land Back advocates for Indigenous rights, preservation of languages and traditions, food sovereignty, decent housing, and a clean environment.

We are developing a closer relationship with RAVEN and have offered to host this important program on Allyship and Land Back at the church.

We will cover some basics of the colonial history of Canada and BC, the legal landscape relating to Indigenous people, the work of RAVEN and how this work is part of the larger Indigenous rights movement.

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