Holistic Bodies and the Physical Education Revolution

Holistic Bodies and the Physical Education Revolution – 

Paloma Callo with worship associate Samantha Magnus – 

Inspired by Paloma’s undergrad thesis work, this sermon explores body movement across time and space, primarily regarding the subtle (and overt) impacts of modernity’s landscape and institutions. 

As many of Paloma’s interviewees who identify as professional “movers” expressed through their stories, it takes patience and awareness to integrate being and body—especially when the rhythms of modern life disrupt our relationships to our vessels. How do our relational, spatial-temporal, and intimate contexts shape the way we move and dance through life? It’s high time to shift the popular narrative regarding physical activity and body movement to one that honours a healing and revolutionary journey.

Paloma Callo is entering her final semester of Carleton University’s Global and International Studies program and has specialized in Globalization, Culture, and Power. Delving into her own experience of the body and exploring various movement practices quickly trickled down into her academic work — it has now been the focal point of her studies for a year and a half. A short thesis film on the topic will be publicly available July, 2021.

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