How Sweet Is a Life with Purpose? Very!

Stefa Katamay with Worship Associate Samantha Magnus –

Pulpit swap: Rev. Melora Lynngood preaches at Capital Unitarian Universalist Congregation and Capital UU member Stefa Katamay, preaches for us.

The personal and community disruption and losses arising from COVID-19 has led many of us to reflect on what is important. By extension, questions about purpose and meaning arise. 

Although the subject of streams of philosophy, these are questions for all of us to answer for ourselves.

Transition and retirement coach Stefa Katamay will explore some of the pillars of life purpose – our values and what drives and energizes us – and why having a life purpose matters. How can we support one another in our journeys towards purpose and meaning?


After a career mainly in public health nutrition policy Stefa Katamay left the paid work force to pursue nothing in particular. This led to a four-year sailing learning journey which eventually brought Stefa to Victoria.

As a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Retirement Coach, Stefa writes about “the places we travel within our own emotional, intellectual and spiritual landscapes” and supports people through their journeys of transition.

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