Howling at the Moon: Rituals and Traditions

Rev. Samaya Oakley with Worship Associate Dan Klimke – How do our rituals and traditions help to define oursamaya identity? Come along on a journey into how one family created their own traditions and rituals. We’ll explore the importance of traditions and rituals in our lives and how they help to us to more fully embrace life.

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Reverend Samaya Oakley began her duties as the developmental minister at the First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo in the summer of 2013 after completing her internship at the Unitarian Church of Calgary. Prior to that, she spent 15 years working with Unitarian youth at the North Shore Unitarian Church on the Lower Mainland, where she celebrated her Ordination in March, 2014.

As a youth consultant, Samaya has worked provincially, nationally, and continentally as a member of the Liberal Religious Educators’ Association. She received her Masters of Divinity at the Vancouver School of Theology in the spring of 2013, and was the only Unitarian Universalist in her class.

Samaya’s vision of ministry is embodied in our living tradition. It is by standing on the side of love, of compassion, of generosity, and by taking the time to truly listen to the other to make sure that all points of view are taken into account, that we engage our living tradition. In her spare time Samaya enjoys walking, reading, and gardening. Her favourite colour is purple, as shown by her greatly-loved purple Volkswagen Jetta! Donate

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