Hysterical Women

Rev. Anne Barker & Liz James with worship associate Lynne Bonner –

Hysteria is a word with many meanings. Uncontrollable sobbing, raucous laughter, and unmanageable women. Join us for a service that touches on and/or embodies all three.

Liz James comes from a family with a proud tradition of expressing love through practical jokes. In 2015, as a part of a practical joke gone right, she founded the UU Hysterical Society, which has grown to 70,000 members and is now part of a not for profit called Mirth and Dignity.

She lives in Saskatoon, where she writes, preaches, and co-hosts the UU comedy podcast The Cracked Cup.

Rev. Anne Barker was co-opted into Liz James’s family’s proud tradition of practical jokes.

She is the minister at Westwood Unitarian Congregation, the president of the UU Ministers of Canada, and is the 2021 Confluence lecturer.

Rev. Barker lives in Edmonton where her hobbies include writing, knitting, and co-hosting the UU comedy podcast The Cracked Cup.

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