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Casey Stainsby with Worship Associate Sam Magnus –

These times, and surely those that are coming, require an enormous amount of resilience from us. I believe that one of the places we need to look to find those reserves is to each other – and specifically, to those of very different ages from ourselves. But it’s not easy.

Let’s wonder together about why and how to reach across that seemingly wide gulf of years to genuinely connect and support each other. Specifically, we’ll look at some of the particular challenges that young adults  (18 to 35 year-olds – the most under-represented age demographic in UU congregations) are facing, and how UU communities can support them, even when they don’t show up for church. 

Casey Stainsby (she/her) coordinates youth and young adult programs and events for the Canadian Unitarian Council, and is an active member of the community of the First Unitarian Church of Victoria.

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