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Rev Melora Lynngood with Worship Associate Lynne Bonner — We begin the “church year” by looking at “intention.”

At the Unitarian Universalist (UU) General Assembly, one speaker phrased it as a question for daily spiritual practice: “How is Love calling me to act in this world today?” How would you answer that each day? How might we answer that question as a UU community?

One of the things we UUs are being called to at this moment in our history is a deep dive into anti-oppressive, anti-colonialist, multi-cultural, diversity-affirming work. It requires openness and humility.

We are striving to be a learning community rather than a learned community. We are learning about ‘micro-aggressions,’ ‘white fragility,’ and to be sensitive to the dynamic interplay between intent and impact. 

We are learning how to do effective bystander interventions — how to stand up for one another when one among us is being targeted for a marginalized identity (e.g., immigrant, transgender, Indigenous, Muslim, Jewish…) The rise of identity-based violence and wall-building xenophobia is making this world a scary place for all of us. How can we band together across differences and answer the call of love?