Staff & Congregational Leaders

“And they will know we are UU by our love” Canadian Unitarian 2016 Confluence Lecture by Rev. Melora Lynngood

First Unitarian Church of Victoria 

5575 West Saanich Road, Victoria BC • V9E 2G1

Phone: 250-744-2665 or email the office


Office hours during COVID-19 Physical Separation period: 

Office Administrator Niki Mullin’s Remote Office Hours:

Sunday 9-1; Monday 9-3; Tuesday 9-1; Wednesday 9-1; Thursday 12-4

Communication Assistant Shannon Oatway’s Remote Office Hours:

Tuesday through Thursday 10 a.m.-4p.m.


shana-melora-nuReverend Melora Lynngood – Office phone: 250-891-6330 or email

Reverend Shana Lynngood – Office phone:  250-891-6331 or email

Lay Chaplains

 Oceanna Hall; Anne Vaasjo – email lay chaplains or phone 250-744-2665

Director of Spiritual Exploration and Learning for Children and Youth

Aran Liddel

Office Phone 250-744-2695 or email

Director of Music

Nicholas Fairbank

Office Phone 250-744-2609 or email


Office Administrator: Niki Mullin

Office Phone 250-744-2665 or


Communications Assistant: Shannon Oatway

Board of Trustees