Nature as ‘Kin’

Sunday, April 24, 10:30 am –                                                                                                          

Nature as Kin –

Rev. Shana Lynngood, homilist –

Victoria Barr, worship associate –

In a recent service on ‘names,’ many of you were taken with Robin Wall Kimmerer’s idea that ‘nature needs a new pronoun.’ Not ‘it’ but ‘kin.’ Today, in honour of Earth day, we look at how we might counteract the anthropocentric forces in our society, and more

Rev. Shana

fully ‘awaken’ to our 7thprinciple understanding of our inter-being in this interdependent web of life.

Submit photos in advance of a part of nature you love, a part of nature with which you feel kinship  – could be a favourite spot by the ocean, a field, a brook, a songbird, or a single tree.  Show us a picture of a part of nature with which you like to commune, a part of this web of life you cherish. (You can even do a 5 second video clip if that appeals to you!)  Email by April 17 to

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