“Oneness” – A Sacred Tool for Reconciliation

Sharon Jinkerson-Brass with worship associate Lynne Bonner – 

The medicine wheel is a metaphoric tool used to describe the infinite cycle of space and time according to Sharon’s ancestors. The medicine wheel offers human beings an opportunity to create connection and awareness to our physical and metaphysical worlds. 

In addition to creating connections, the medicine wheel offers us opportunities for healing, sharing wisdom, and provides a template for creating ceremonies that align with the natural forces in the universe. In addition to the Medicine Wheel teachings, Sharon will share some teachings around why the number “zero” is so powerful and healing to her people.

There are multiple stories and ideas around the Medicine Wheel and the teachings Sharon will share are based upon her cultural heritage and experiences.

Sharon Jinkerson-Brass is a member of Key First Nation in Saskatchewan and has a background as a Front-line Worker, Administrator, Artist, Writer and Filmmaker. Her practice is firmly rooted in the teachings of her Anishinaabe grandmother Rebecca Brass and an advocate for Aboriginal Health Services that integrates ancient approaches and practises into mainstream Health Care Settings.

Currently, Sharon works as a community-based health researcher for the Indigenous Wellness Research Team at the University of Saskatchewan. Sharon has also been part of many reconciliation activities and events for various groups and organizations. In addition, she has been active in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver Community of Knowledge Holders, and also returns home to participate in her family’s ceremonies. Sharon holds a vision for healing for Indigenous people and all people.

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