Pete Seeger Service

Sunday, July 30th, 9:30 am PST 

Pete Seeger Service —
Robert Wiznurar, Song Leader,

Westwood Unitarian (Edmonton)

Pete Seeger embodied the integration of questioning, reflection, and action that many UUs aspire to. Aside from being required to sing often and loudly, we will reflect on Seeger’s interests in Labour, Civil Rights, Peace, and the Environment, as well as some of Seeger’s own reflections on spirituality.

Robert Wiznurar was born and raised in Edmonton and teaches literature at Grant MacEwan University. He has studied Pete Seeger since he first saw him on TV in 1983. Rob is a passable guitarist and clawhammer style banjo player, but a much better song leader. An unsinging congregation is no congregation at all.

Sunday Services

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