Private Space

Private Space? –
Rev Melora Lynngood, Homilist –
Rosemary Harrison, Worship Associate –
In person and online –

Ever been in a shared hospital room and longed for a private room instead? Ever made disparaging comments about gated communities? Where is the balance?

Is private space a luxury that our individualistic western society has falsely set as the standard; or is “a room of one’s own” (as Virginia Woolf might suggest) a necessity and a right that every human requires for soul-growing, creativity, and basic dignity?

In view of this month’s theme of “change,” we might ask it this way: to what extent do our personal views on private space need to change, and to what extent do society’s policies on private space need to change?  What are the blessings of private space? What are the blessings of communal space? How can they co-exist to the benefit of both individuals and community?

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