Revising Our UU Principles?

Sunday, May 7, 10:30 am –
Revising Our UU Principles? –
Rev. Melora Lynngood, Homilist –
Lynne Bonner, Worship Associate –

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Rev. Melora

There is a move afoot to re-write our eight Unitarian Universalist principles, indeed to re-articulate our statement of purpose. The current proposal says, in part, “The purpose of the Unitarian Universalist Association is to actively engage its members in the transformation of the world through liberating Love.” It illustrates the values that guide us as seen in the image below. What do you think? How can we best express what Unitarian Universalism calls us to be in the world? If this change goes through in the UU Association, what will its impact be on Canadian UUs? [This shift has been a long time coming. For more information: The full proposed language is on p. 19.]


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