Sharing our Stories

Sunday, October 2, 10:30 am-
Sharing Our Stories-
Shelagh McCormack, Brenda Greenwood and Bernhard Spalteholz, Evelyn Peters, Margaret McKelvie, Darcy Allder, homilists-
Lynne Bonner, worship associate

What does this congregation mean to you?  What difference do we make in our community?   We welcome 6 members of this congregation who will share their stories of their connections and support for this church and the wider community. They are just a few of the many church members and friends who have contributed to the achievements of the past year.  Yes, we have had many challenges, yet this congregation has continued to step up.

Shelagh McCormack (active member of the Refugee sponsorship committee) – Refugee Sponsorship. “I believe it is important to support our church for many reasons—to provide funds to support our wonderful co-ministers, our vibrant music programs, our children’s and youth’s programs, and, of course, our beautiful building and property which has to be maintained and continually updated. I also believe that the church is worthy of support for the intangible values we strive for:  justice, peace, democracy, equality, etc. (see The Eight Principles.) I presently sing with the Chalice Choir and, on October 2nd, will describe my experiences volunteering with the Refugee Support Team.”

Brenda Greenwood and Bernhard Spalteholz (FUCV members) – Our family and FUCV. “As a family, we have experienced our perceived plan veering off the path several times. We have had to work as a team while juggling multiple pregnancies, challenges, and now a severe neurological disease. Connection with gratitude is so important and sharing time with others in the UU community broadens our minds and hearts.”

Evelyn Peters (Co-Chair) THRUU (Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Unitarian Universalists), and Indigenous Gardens

Margaret McKelvie, (Administrator) – The Lifeline Project

Darcy Allder (OWL trained Facilitator) – Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education

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