The Art of Disagreement in Beloved Community


Rev. Melora Lynngood – Our preaching theme this church year is “purpose.” In the mission statement the congregation wrote and voted to approve in January, we stated that part of our purpose is to live as “a welcoming community, energized by the diversity of beliefs, identity, and experience that each person brings.” We strive to do more than sit side by side in silent tolerance; we seek to engage with our differences in a way that enriches each of our experiences. We have an opportunity to practise this as a congregation this month. The Arts and Aesthetics Team is asking the congregation toparticipate in a decision about which tapestry to hang on the front wall of our sanctuary (see page 15 for more information). People have strong and divergent feelings about each of the two possibilities. In this service, we consider how art affects each of our spirits in different ways, and how we might be energized by this diversity of experience. How we might use this decision-making process as an opportunity to practise living our mission?

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