The Gift of Aging

Presenter: Matthew Gardner
Worship Associate: Dar Gareau-Levy

Matthew Gardner, guest presenter; Worship Associate, Dar Gareau-Levy

Our society is disturbed by aging and dying, yet many cultures have considered death our greatest teacher. The more we’re obliged to confront our inevitable mortality, the more inspired we become to ask life’s bigger questions. Aging thus catalyzes a natural process of turning inward toward the mystic, offering us an unparalleled opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

Matthew Gardner, a registered clinical counsellor and author, examines the more positive aspects of growing old. He has led groups on addiction, communication, anger and parenting, and has worked with addicts, convicts, and the homeless. Raised in England, he has travelled extensively and has worked as a teacher, travel guide writer, tree planter, mushroom picker, and house painter.

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