The Hidden Multiverse

Doug Seeley – Scientists are discovering many planets circling other stars in our galaxy. Many seem very strange, and a few suggest the possibility of Earth-like planets. This search leads to the possible existence of more advanced civilizations throughout our Milky Way galaxy. Some scientists are considering the possibilities for the existence of hidden, parallel universes to ours in what is called the Multiverse. Doug’s talk shifts the Multiverse discussion closer to home and within our everyday lives by considering our own conscious universes. Doing this has important implications for how we can live together, and what an “advanced civilization” could actually mean.

doug seeleyDoug is a writer and a part-time Associate at Royal Roads University, teaching Systems Thinking for environmentalists. He is a director of a high tech startup, InterDynamics Pty. Ltd. (some 23 years ago) which he conceived in Australia. Graduating from the University of Toronto in operations research, Doug had academic positions at University of B.C.,  Simon Fraser University, University of South Australia, Royal Roads and the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, largely teaching software engineering. Although an atheist in his early years, Doug managed to sustain a deep and experiential interest in metaphysics, parapsychology and comparative mysticism. His talk integrates some of these threads of his life. Doug is married with 4 children.

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