The Plight of the Palestinians

A team from our Social Justice Coalition apply their interpretation of Unitarian Universalist Principles to the problems in Palestine and Israel.


A Note from the Worship Committee:  

The congregation of First Unitarian Church recognizes that this is a multi-faceted and sensitive issue.

The Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada have made the following statement: “Any discussion of the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians is complicated by the deep emotions that inform our hopes and fears. People of good will often hold differing opinions about how peace could best be achieved. We members of Unitarian Universalist Ministers Of Canada (UUMOC) hold a very wide range of opinions”.

The minister of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, Rev. Diane Rollert has written two important articles on the subject, the importance of bridge building and compassionate communication.


The presenters:

Galina Coffey-Lewis, MScN, served as a nurse in Gaza for 2 years many years ago. She taught in the nursing school and worked in refugee camps. Her experience changed her life forever.

Virginia Daniel is an activist involved with many Social Justice issues and groups that strive for the rights of oppressed people of the world. She is presently active in the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid, Victoria Friends of Cuba, Victoria Raging Grannies, the Unitarian Social Justice Coalition, and others.

Ed Daniel, retired Professor of Pharmacology, Fellow of Royal Society of Canada, is an activist against global warming and in support of Human Rights and the observance of International Law.

Adrian Fine MD, FRCP, is a retired kidney specialist and Professor of Medicine, University of Manitoba. He was born in Dublin and went to medical school there. He took further medical training in Britain. He has published many research articles, including some in the area of medical ethics and has been a member of Independent Jewish Voices for five years.

Christine Johnston is a retired social worker and recipient of the 2014 Canadian Unitarian Council’s  Knight award for her work in outreach on behalf of Canadian Unitarians. She is still involved in several UU and social justice organizations within and without our congregation. She was the CUC delegate last summer to the International Association for Religious Freedom in Birmingham, U.K.



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