The Societal Expectations of Caregivers

Sunday, January 22, 10:30 am –
The Societal Expectations of Caregivers –
Rev Melora Lynngood, Homilist –
David Vest, Worship Associate –

Today, we consider the monthly theme, ‘finding our centre,’ in the context of caregiving. Walking that line between care for self and care for others is tricky in the best of times. It becomes especially challenging when one is in the role of caregiver. And it can be made even more complex by the societal expectations put upon caregivers, starting with assumptions made abou

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Rev. Melora

t who is supposed to be a caregiver in the first place. For example, what happens when someone doesn’t get along with their parent, or is estranged from them?
(This topic was chosen by the winner of last spring’s service auction.)

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