Unemployed Poems

Unemployed Poems Text

Farrell Boyce and Braden Young with Worship Associate Liz Graham.

“We live not by things, but by the meaning of things” is a well-knownpoetry mantra dear to the heart of Farrell Boyce, sometime environmental scientist and an incorrigible dabbler in the arts.

Farrell contends that to live a good and full life one needs to commit to “Good Behaviour 101” as outlined by the seven UU principles (and many other philosophies and faiths), but with particular attention to article five of the UU principles — the search for truth and meaning. We know both truth and meaning are far from immutable.

In this search we all play the role of artists, albeit very rarely great. Art does not need to be a marketable commodity to be valuable.

Farrell’s readings will be accompanied by piano improvisations by Braden Young. Farrell thanks the congregation for the opportunity to present some of his poems which have hitherto lain unemployed.

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