Walking the Path of Integrity

Amanda Tarling – Our Principles encourage us as Unitarians to be a people of integrity by inspiring us to be honest and ethical. How else does our Unitarian faith help us to uphold the state of being whole and undivided? Join Amanda Tarling on Nov. 15 as we delve into the idea of what it means to be a community that cherishes the values of integrity.

Amanda Tarling is one of the Lay Leaders of Capital Unitarian Universalist Congregation and has worked monthly with the Salt Spring Island Unitarian Fellowship since 2011. Amanda has also been a Lay Chaplain from 2004-2010 and will be again in 2016. She presents workshops for Lay Chaplains at the provincial and national level and is currently writing the first webinar training workshop for the CUC (Canadian Unitarian Council) to be presented in early 2016. Amanda is also a part time student at Starr King School for the Ministry. An avid hiker and yogini, Amanda is passionate about finding spirituality in the forest. She graduated from McGill University in 1986 and lived in London for 10 years. Amanda is married with two amazing children including a son with disabilities.

Sunday Services

Join us at 10:30 a.m. for the Sunday worship service. You can connect by phone or online, or attend in person.