A Changing Political and Economic Climate

 Rev. Lawrence Scyner with Worship Associate Dar Gareau-Levy –

We live in the age of the individual. Economic and political life reflects this. How do we, who are committed to ecological and social justice, address our concerns so that they will be heard by those in positions of power? How can we hope to receive a positive response to these concerns?

GVAT (Greater Victoria Acting Together) is one strategy born of successful experience in the Social Justice arena. By connecting with other concerned groups and forming coalitions with churches, unions, non-profit societies and individuals we hope to have a positive impact on the quality of life in our community.


                                                                                             Graphic by Dar Gareau-Levy

Lawrence Scyner was born in England, but moved to Montreal and McGill more than 50 years ago.  An Anglican Church priest, he is a professional social worker who has spent most of his working life working with people suffering from mental illness, or with significant social problems. Rev. Scyner’s last job was director of a family counselling agency in Victoria. His commitment to social justice stretches from Montreal to Victoria, having been involved in the establishment of Our Place a decade ago. After three years as an interim priest-in-charge, he now spends his time at St John the Divine Anglican Church, Victoria, where he volunteers in the social justice arena.

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