What is Spatial Justice, and Why Should We Care?

Sunday, July 16th, 10:30 am — 

What is Spatial Justice, and Why Should We Care? — 

Victoria Barr, Homilist, 

Rosemary Harrison, Worship Associate — 

Unitarian Universalist members and congregations have long worked for social justice – the fair distribution of opportunities and power within a society. But what about where justice is distributed? Who can exist in which public spaces, what can they do there, how can they travel there, and who decides all this? How can we collectively create places in our cities and communities that welcome all and support everyone to thrive?

Victoria Barr is an active member of the First Unitarian Church of Victoria and a former Worship Associate (2019-2022). In her work life, she is a consultant, focusing on supporting municipalities to integrate equity and social justice into urban planning processes. Victoria holds a master’s degree in Public Health and a PhD in Community Planning.


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