Your Journey, Your Calling

Rev Melora Lynngood with worship associate Lynne Bonner – We consider the question of ‘calling.’ What is your calling – your purpose? 

What are your unique gifts and passions, and how do you use them to tend to this planet and those who dwell upon it? 

We’ve asked this question before; this month, we re-examine it through the lens of our theme of ‘journey.’ 

How has your sense of purpose shifted and evolved over the course of your life journey? Consider, for example: What happens to your sense of purpose when circumstances force you into a change you were not expecting? What happens to the identity of a parent when kids grow up and leave home? What happens to your sense of purpose when you retire? Is there a core sense of calling that stays steady through all the changes?

The service will include a special presentation of religious stoles to both Rev. Melora and Rev. Shana Lynngood from member, Ruth Miller,

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