Ongoing Groups & Gatherings

These small groups are open both to members of the congregation and to those comfortable with Unitarian-Universalism. Presumably, no one comes to a religious community just to join a committee or participate in corporate worship. Click any one of these for details:

The Spirituality Group

Spirituality Group members are currently meeting in person at someone’s home and also on Zoom from 2 pm to 4 pm on the first Sunday of the month. We maintain social distance in  accordance with our church protocols on Covid 19.

The meeting format includes opening readings, expressions of joys and concerns through lighting of a candle, and a 15-minute silent meditation before a free-wheeling discussion on a mutually pre-chosen topic.

Spirituality Group members examine their own humanity in the context of our place within the great mystery, our relationship to each other and to nature, all the while acknowledging the “spirit” within. The goal is a gentle journey together towards deeper understanding.

Members develop trust, share deep personal stories and keep such things confidential. Everyone is most welcome.

Please email Don Vipond:, Suellen Guenther: or Nancy Dobbs: for the Zoom Link.

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Parent Circle

Weekly drop-in check-in to connect with other parents:

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The Depression & Anxiety Support Circle

A peer support group,  membership and all information shared during Depression & Anxiety Support Circle meetings remain strictly confidential. Meetings are a mix of structured sharing and informal conversation, to provide a safe space, as well as foster a great deal of warmth and humour wherever it can be found, during our 90 minutes together.

For more information, or to put your name on our email list, please email John Tiffany (Tiff)  (or 778-432-0881).

A burden shared is a burden lightened. Whether your struggle is situational or on-going, we extend a heart-felt welcome to anyone who would like to join us.

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Tibetan Buddhist Meditation

Led by Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Tara, the Tibetan Buddhist Meditation group meets every Saturday from 1:30 to  2:30 pm on Zoom

Texts provided. Normally divided into two parts: the first half hour is for silent meditation, the second half is reciting from a text provided, the compassionate meditation practice called Chenrezig.

The second Saturday of each month is designed for beginners. We welcome donations to the teacher.  Email Earle Anthony for more more information.

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The Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics (AHA) group – Currently Closed due to COVID-19

Monthly Monday Pub Night

Pub Night is held the first Monday of each month at different locations. Arrive between 7:30 and 8:30 and stay as long as you wish. It’s a relaxed evening of getting to know each other. Please contact John Hopewell for further details.

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Zoom Sing

Coordinators: Nancy Dobbs and Jewel Spooner with our tech support, Bernhard Spalteholz or Fridays: Nov. 26, Dec. 12 –  3:30-4:30 Informal, relaxed, campfire vibe with words provided. With Zoom, only one singer can be heard at a time. Practice harmony in the privacy of your home. Email Nancy Dobbs: for the Zoom link.

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Due to the Covid pandemic we are unable to hold our Community Dinners at this time. Under normal conditions, we gather every second month on the second Friday, from September to June, in a family-friendly setting. These are wonderful opportunities to meet new people or catch up with friends over casual fun and delicious meals. Dinner is by donation and Everyone is welcome! For more information please here>

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Neighbourhood Groups

All members, friends, and newcomers may join a Neighbourhood Group. Groups meet monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and, sometimes, occasionally.There are no rules to join, no tests to pass. All you have to do is live in one of the neighbourhoods. If you don’t know which group could be yours, please phone the  office, 250-744-2665. to find out more please visit this link>

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Monday Walkers

COVID has taught us many things and one of the more important lessons is the need to keep our bodies active and moving, preferably walking on one of the many beautiful trails of South Vancouver Island. The second important lesson is realizing the importance of hanging out with our fellow Unitarians.
So, let’s form a walking group called Monday Unitarian Walkers. This will be an inclusive group and we welcome ALL interested Unitarian members and friends who can walk steadily for 1-2 hours.

Starting on Jan. 3 we will meet at 9:25 am to start at 9:30 am. We will set up a Google list of walk leaders to take us on our Monday adventures. You will receive notice by the Saturday evening before the walk.


If you are interested in joining these weekly walks, please contact: Sylvia Krogh, 778-350-6216 or Nancy Dobbs,, 250-652-5438 to be put on the email list.

Sunday Services

Join us online at 10:30 a.m. for the Sunday worship service. Send an email after 9 a.m. Sunday to obtain the entry code. You can connect by phone or online.